Who We Are

Board of Directors

Director of Student & Teacher Services– Tory White

Director of Administrative Services– Leanne Mackey

Chairperson– Emily Ayers

Treasurer– Meghan Madden

Building & Classroom Coordinator– Kelly Quinn

Board Members– (coming soon)


Teaching Staff

Class Teachers

Norelis Santiago- Mommy & Me

Jane Kirk- 4 year old class

Roseann Poplaski- 3 year old class

_________ – Universal Pre-Kindergarten


Three-Year-Old Class:

Wendy Cavaluzzo

Pat Pskowski

Nancy Schoonmaker

Four-Year-Old Class:

Donna Spampinato

Karen Wallace

Specials Teachers

Norelis Santiago- Spanish, Sign Language and Art

Donna Spampinato- Music

Karen Wallace- Karate & Yoga