Your child’s teacher will keep in contact with you via emails sent daily in our UPK classes, and weekly in our Three year old classes.  You will also receive occasional emails from the Directors with school updates.

The Staff and Board of Directors are committed to working together with parents to ensure your child’s first school experience is a happy one.  Any concerns you have regarding your child’s behavior, social skills, comprehension, speech, etc., should be discussed with the teacher.

If there are special circumstances at home (i.e. new baby, divorce, hospitalization, death etc.,) please communicate this to the teacher.  We are here to help your child and insight into these situations would help in handling moods and behavior changes.
If your child will be absent for a number of sessions due to illness or vacation please advise the teacher.  Unless an emergency arises, all telephone calls to the school should be made after the session, so as not to disturb the class.


Montgomery Nursery School is a Peanut Free school. All snacks brought in or served by the school are to be peanut free.
For the 5 day 4 year old program (aka “UPK”) the school as well as our families provide the snack, and the teachers, when applicable, incorporate the snack into the curriculum.  Each family will be assigned a simple snack to donate a few times during the year.

For the 3 year old and 4 year old classes (2 and 3 day classes), a snack calendar will go home each month of the school year. On the day your child is assigned as snack helper, you will be responsible to provide a snack, a napkin, and utensil (if needed) for each student in the class.

In choosing a snack, please consider the time of day, preparation time in serving, clean up, and class size. We ask that the snack be nutritious and peanut free.

Some examples are provided below:

  • Mini-bagels / cream cheese
  • Mini-muffins
  • Pretzels
  • Graham crackers
  • Vegetables / dip
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Yogurt (in individual containers)
  • Cheese / crackers
  • Cubed, Slices, String cheese
  • NO canned cheese please
  • Applesauce (in individual containers)
  • NO gummy “fruit snacks” please

The snack calendar will also give parents an overview of that month’s activities, class trips, holidays and special events. Birthdays are marked and will be considered in planning snack helper for that day. Please speak to your teacher about bringing in a special “Birthday Snack”.



In the event of an emergency, parents will be notified by phone as to the dismissal procedure.  If we are unable to reach the parent, we will notify the emergency contact provided to us on the registration form.  It is very important that the school is notified immediately of any change in parent and/or emergency contact information.  In addition, emergency dismissal procedures will be identified on the voice mail.  The voice mail can be reached by dialing 457-7415.


During the year, our classes walk around the neighborhood and visit the library, firehouse, police station, post office and other locations in our village.  We explore nature on our way and learn safety rules.


School closings or delays, due to inclement weather, will be announced on WGNY-FM 103.1 (listen for Valley Central School District).

If Valley Central School District closes, Montgomery Nursery School will also close.  If Valley Central School District announces a two-hour delay, Three year old and 1/2 day UPK classes start at 10:00am, Full day UPK will begin at 11:00 am.  Afternoon classes start at their normal time.  If Valley Central has an early dismissal, the morning classes will be dismissed as usual.  The Afternoon UPK class will not have class.  The Full Day UPK will be dismissed at 11:45am.

You teacher will send you an email or text in the event of an late opening or early dismissal.  You can also call the Valley Central School District for a recorded message about the late opening or early dismissal at 845-457-2400.


The doors open at 9:15am for the morning session and at 12:30pm for the afternoon session.

We ask that parents leave their children at the front door rather than walk them into the school.  This will reduce confusion near the cubbies and prevent a delay in the start of class.

Dismissal is at 11:45am for the morning session and at 3:00pm for the afternoon session.  In case of car pools, the parent should send a note to the teacher designating the responsible adult and the date your child is to be dismissed to them.  This adult must present a photo id.

Please be prompt in picking up your child.  It is the staff’s lunch hour between morning and afternoon sessions.