Health and Safety Reopening Plan

Health and Safety Reopening Plan

2020-2021 School Year

  1. Temperature checks for staff and students at the beginning of the school day
  2. Staggered Start/End Times for classes 9:00am – 11:30pm for 4 year-olds, 9:15am-11:45pm for 3 year-olds
  3. Social distancing protocol will be followed for all classes
  4. No shared centers
  5. Individual sets of materials/supplies for each student
  6. No family style eating, each student will bring their own snack and water
  7. No library book exchange
  8. Hand washing upon arrival, after recess, before eating and teacher will ensure the proper handwashing after use of the restroom
  9. We will use cohort groupings for students
  10. Teachers will wear masks when they can not social distance from children and each other.
  11. We will spend as much time as possible outdoors while the weather allows, and air out the building often.
  12. Following proper building sanitation guidelines from Department of Health
  13. We have purchased a sprayer to disinfect toys and common areas. The spray we will use is EPA and FDA approved to be 200 times more effective than bleach, yet non-toxic and non-irritating.  This cleaner is an EPA List-N cleaner approved against Covid-19, and is 70-80 times more efficient at killing microbial pathogens than chlorine bleach, yet even if it was accidently ingested it is completely harmless.  This disinfectant is produced through a generator using vinegar, water, and table salt!  It has been successfully tested against viruses, fungus, mold, and bacteria. 
  14. If someone at our school becomes sick or shows symptoms of illness we will follow all the recommended CDC and Department of Health Guidelines
  15. Set isolation area for any child that becomes sick during the school day while they wait to be picked up
  16. If schools are closed by the state, we will provide continuity of learning through Google Classroom, the See Saw Curriculum, and packets.
  • Dear Parents,
    Montgomery Nursery School (“MNS”) is committed to strictly adhereing to all guidelines to keep our students and staff as safe as possible.  
    Our policy has been, and remains, that masks are welcome but not mandatory for MNS students.
    After receiving some questions from parents regarding our mask policy, MNS reached out to the Office of Family Services, which provides licensing for MNS, as well as the Orange County Department of Health and its attorneys, in order to confirm again that MNS is following the most up to date safety guidelines.  
    As of Setpember 4, 2020, MNS was again informed by the Office of Children and Family Services that MNS students can choose to wear masks but it is not required.
    As of Setpember 4, 2020, MNS was again inormed by the Orange County Department of Health and its attorneys that the mandate of children wearing masks in public and nonpublic schools applies only to schools that have children in grades K-12.  The mandate expressly states that it does not apply to preschool programs and schools such as MNS.
    For any MNS parents that would like their child to wear a mask at school, we will help your child wear the mask, take it on and off during snack time, have mask breaks during outside play time if they would like, and to keep it in a clean location while it is not on your child.
  • Thank you,
    MNS Board of Directors